What is APPangea?

APPangea is a new way to learn Geography and History using a gamification-based methodology, to learn by playing. APPangea is a free app, available for iOS and Android.

You set your pace to learn and APPangea takes care of the rest.

Quality contents

APPangea contents have been designed by expert teachers who are convinced that geography can be taught in an enjoyable, effective way and in accordance with the current curriculum

The themes of Geography and History are grouped into units (States, Relief, Rivers…), and each unit consists of several lessons. Each lesson has different type of questions.

Don’t be afraid to fail! APPangea will assist you to learn what you do not know in the shortest time.

Making progress with APPangea is very easy and intuitive. All units follow the same pattern: they start with questions that are simpler due to their content or their way of answering, and the last lessons are always more difficult. Do you dare to go all the way?

APPangea has no age, but it is more appropiate for those in the 10 to 99 years.

A game

APPangea uses a methodology based on gamification. You learn by playing, and you choose the moment and the time you spend on it. There is a ranking with the top 50. The more you play, the more you learn!

With the hits you get prizes in the form of points and badges . You get a badge for each unit you complete or for each review lesson . In these Review Lessons you demonstrate everything you already know from that lesson. The more badges the more you have learned. It’s that easy!

APPangea is completely free. You can register in the application so that we can save your score and progress and have it available at any time and from any device.

The questions

You will find several types of questions, but in all of them there is a map. Can you learn geography without maps? Sometimes the map gives you the information and you have to select the correct question, and other times you have to look for the answer on the map itself. Easy, right?.

APPangea rewards speed. If you spend little time answering the question, it is because you know it well. That will earn you more points than if you answer more slowly.

If you fail, nothing happens, you will try again and in the end you will succeed. No content remains in the inkwell. All is important!

Are you a Geography and History teacher?

Then APPangea is the app that will make your students learn Geography easily. When they are done with the unit, evaluate them to check what they have learnt.

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